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TrackR vs. Tile which device is really worth it?

If you lose those small, but important items around the house on a regular basis, frustration is no doubt a part of everyday life. There’s nothing worse than scrambling to get out the door for work and not finding your keys. TrackR and Tile are two top brands in the growing niche for tech devices that help you locate those items you tend to lose. The question now is, which one’s best?


Similar basic function

The TrackR and Tile are both small devices, no larger than the average quarter or half-dollar coin that you can attach to keys, remotes, or other small items you typically misplace. Using the respective mobile apps, you can trigger the devices to beep, helping you locate the item you’ve lost.

Each one also uses the new concept of crowd-sourced GPS. If the items are lost outside your home and ear shot, other TrackR or Tile users can help you locate your item via the app. You’ll receive GPS data to help you locate your keys`or car, for example.


TrackR and Tile offer the same service, but when you compare how both devices operate, TrackR quickly pushes in front of the Tile in terms of usability and flexibility. While both let you locate a missing item with ease, only the TrackR can help you locate your phone using the device. Think about it; how many times have you had your keys in hand and not known where your phone is in the morning?

Just press a button on your TrackR and it will send a notification to your phone that sets off a loud ringtone, even if your phone is set to silent.

TrackR sorgt für Sicherheit

Battery Life

Both devices are guaranteed by the manufacturers to last for about one year on a single battery, however there’s a significant advantage here too for TrackR. The Tile has a built-in battery that cannot be replaced. After a year, or whenever the battery dies, you’ll have to buy a new Tile (available at discounted rate) to continue tracking an item.

The TrackR, however, uses coin-cell batteries that you can replace to continue using the same device continuously. You can find these batteries for less than $1 (USD) online.

Ease of Use

The concept of both devices is the same; attach a small device to those items you tend to lose and track them via your smartphone. In practice, TrackR exceeds the performance of Tile in a few other ways. Both can be adhered to items with adhesive, clipped to keychains, or dropped in a bag. Only TrackR is investing in built-in technology for future items though.

TrackR sorgt für Sicherheit

Most importantly from an ease-of-use standpoint, the TrackR is the only device that automatically marks an item as lost if the TrackR device attached moves outside a 100-foot Bluetooth range. This immediately adds your lost item to the crowd-sourced GPS data in the app.

At the end of the day, TrackR simply makes it easier for you to find your lost items without taking a lot of extra steps in the process. Here’s what customers say about TrackR:

TrackR sorgt für Sicherheit

TrackR simply makes it easier for you to find your lost items without taking a lot of extra steps in the process

Step by step instructions on how to use Trackr

Now that you are aware of the potential of this curious device, we will make a brief summary to clear all your doubts:

1. Get Trackr from the manufacturer website. You’ll get it delivered to your home in about 1 week.

2. Download the free app.

3. Link TrackR with your Smartphone (iPhone or Android) and attach the TrackR at objects you don’t want to lose. Enjoy. As simple as that.
TrackR sorgt für Sicherheit

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